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Everyone ages. It’s an inherent property of life. As our bodies and minds develop over time, we adapt to these changes by modifying our decisions and actions. The later years of life can be especially challenging, but BayCare Assisted Living is here to help. We listen closely to our residents in order to understand their needs and limitations, then discuss and determine potential solutions. We work with you to customize options that will make the life you want for yourself and your loved ones a reality.

About Us: About Us

Sarah, Margaret and Mollie

Three Elderly Aunts and a Special Place to Live

BayCare's story is one that every family faces at some point in their lives. A dedicated family member finds that she can no longer keep up with the everyday needs of their beloved elderly. As is the case with the original founder, locally registered nurse ________ and her three Aunts: Sarah, Margaret and Mollie. ________ with her years of medical experience and dedication to her family, ______ took on the challenge of caring for her three Aunts. She capably took care of them for years thanks to her dedication and years of medical experience, but as the years grew on she found it more and more difficult to handle the everyday challenges her aunts presented. So she decided to build an assisted living that could feel like home to her three aunts. And BayCare Assisted Living at Sarah, Margaret and Mollie was created with the ideal of providing a home-like environment dedicated to the comfort  and care of it's residents.

A Walk in Park
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Head of Care

Linda Cornelias_edited.jpg

Linda Cornelias


Director of Nursing

I started my career in 1976 as an LPN (Licensed Practical Nurse) in Hagerstown, MD while I attended school to complete my RN degree to become a Registered Nurse over the next 3 years. I had my first taste of nursing at Western Maryland Center and for the next seven years, I gained valuable experience in the medical fields of Long-Term Care, Rehabilitative Nursing, and Long-Term Ventilatory Care. I switched over to Home Health Nursing starting in 1986 to better fit my new home by the shore. Thanks to my experience, I eventually found my way back into Hospital work as a Hospital Nursing Supervisor at Dorchester General Hospital. in 1988 I transferred to PRMC critical care, PCU, and Ventilator Care. My time attending to the needs of Critical Care Patients allowed me to gain valuable experience and new perspectives on health and comfort thanks to my time attending to the medical needs and emotional health of patients in dire straits. 

In 1990, I began the transition to Long-Term Care working in multiple, diverse settings; assuming the position of Director of Nursing at multiple Senior Living facilities and even worked as a nurse liaison for Omnicare. I’ve been able to keep my passion for care fresh after all these years, thanks to my continued education and newfound interest in Pharmaceutical Care. Since my transition from the hospital setting, I’ve been in Long-Term Care ever since and in 2019, I began working at BayCare Assisted Living as Director of Nursing. Equipped with 30+ years of nursing experience along with my dedication to the Quality of Life and Happiness of our senior community, I believe that I can provide not only a place for your beloved family members to live but a place they can call home.

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